Research & Development
technologySuccess begins with innovations. This process starts with a need. the need then requires a creative solution. This phase of the process requires the designing skills, where the idea generated is translated into technical reality. The technical excellent product is then made the market demand, by making it affordable. Market awareness plays an important role in the entire process of creation.
Internal Parts
technology2Ceramic Cartridges of Hydroplast, Italy and Ceramic Discs from Morgan Motrocc (U.K.) are used as fitting components in single lever mixers & faucets respectively. Anti splash aerators of Nova controls the splash of water & conserves it.
technology3Before casting, internal cores are made by automatic core sEverhooter machines. These machines ensure smooth water flow Nova because they help in making walls of uniforms thickness. Brass ingots are used for casting because they give perfect finish.
technology4Novas technical specifications meet international standards. The internal working parts are checked twice to ensure flawless performance even in adverse Indian water conditions.
technology5Every visible part of the product is to be finished to perfection . It is either electroplated electrofrated or powder coated. Imported chemicals & paints are used for providing special finishes. The products are coated with 12-15 microns of Ni & 0.35 microns of Chrome. Powder Coating is of 80 microns and gold plating is approx 24 carats.
technology6All products are assembled in dust free environment, tested for ISI Standard & packed carefully to avoid any surface damage during storage of transit.