Bath Tips


doctorBathroom is the health card of your family. This intimate room of yours, where you start your day, needs special attention and care. We take every precaution that you are in total peace with yourself when you exit your bathroom. We at Czar have always put interests of our customers ahead of our own. By innovating, creating and integrating the best in resources and technology we ensure that each and every Czar product proves its value worth. Our endeavour is to develop strong linkages with our customers and build enduring bonds with our business associates by educating them about the product quality, convenience and maintenance. To ensure optimum and trouble free performance of Czar products in the years to come, we have evolved a set of Consumer Guidelines:

  • It is better to keep the number of bends to a minimum and make the pipeline travel parallel and vertical to the floor for a uniform water pressure.
  • Supply lines with vent pipes help in removing air-locking in the water supply to give a smooth flow of water through the fittings.
  • It is advisable to use 25-mm pipes than the 20-mm ones. This will ensure better water flow over a period of time when scaling reduces the diameter of the pipes.
  • Test the working of all the concealed fittings at high pressure points for plumbing leakage before plastering or fixing the tiles.
  • Regularly dismantle and clean the aerators for regular water flow.
  • Place the outlet point in the overhead tank at least 25-cm above the ground level of the tank. This prevents the flow of foreign particles into the fittings and thereby preventing the possible damage. Clean the tank thoroughly before the supply starts and thereafter at regular intervals.
  • Regularly cleaning of bath fittings should be done with soapy water. Do not use strong detergents, corossive or abrasive products or chemicals with acidic qualities, as this may cause damage to the chromium finish in all Czar products. Use a soft sponge or wet cloth with soapy water or diluted vinegar to protect the colour coated finish of the products.
  • To protect the fine finish of fittings from dirt stains and other damages, cover them with cloth/polypack till the time they come into actual use.
  • It is suggested that centre-to-centre distance for hot & cold inlet for all types of wall mounted mixers should be maintained at 165-mm in which case any of our wall mixers from different ranges can be easily installed without any problem.
  • Buy Czar products from company’s Authorised Dealers only to ensure genuine quality material.
  • Insist on genuine spares from company’s local Service Centre or its Authorised Stockist in case of any repair or replacement.
  • Follow the instructions regarding installation and maintenance strictly.
  • Look for Czar seal on all Czar products.
  • For any type of technical or service assistance, please contact the nearest Czar Branch Office, Area Representative or the Dealer.

How to have a drip-dry bathroom

  • Planning is essential to prevent leakages and seepages. It’s not expensive fittings, but proper selection of materials and better hands which play a major part in maintaining the bathroom dry and neat.
  • Don’t be indifferent while hiring a mason or a plumber. All the methods of threading, packing, jointing and water tightness, etc., need a high degree of skill and process to make the bathroom free of dampness.
  • Test the water tightness of the bathroom floor once the shuttering is removed. It is preferable to have a waterproofing treatment to the slab and surrounding wall minimum for a 60 cm above the finished floor level.
  • Multistoried buildings need special treatment, as the affect of various forces varies as we go up from the ground. Plumbing systems rigidly fixed get damaged with a small movement. Fittings should be done keeping the water hammer effect in mind, which is predominant in buildings more than six-storeys.
  • If you are not sure whether a fitting is solid brass, pick it up. It should feel heavier than other units.
  • Look for a single-handle faucet or one with lever handles for elderly users or anyone who has trouble turning round knobs. If you opt for round knobs, look for ones with rotational limit stops, which take just a quarter turn to open and close valve inside.